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Professional Website Design and Development
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Stunning Web Design

Professional Website Design and Development

Our custom web design services offer the perfect solution for anyone looking for a beautiful, creative website that really captures the attention of their visitors. Every project is personally overseen by our owner from beginning to end, ensuring that all details are taken care of thoughtfully and precisely. With our small in-house team, you can expect an unsurpassed level of quality that adheres to your unique vision and style. Let us help you create a stunning website – whether it's a simple landing page or complex eCommerce store – and give your online presence the boost it deserves!

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Website Design Services

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Website Design Services

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Every company needs a website that is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, as more and more users now search the web exclusively on their phones. Not only should this website showcase your unique brand identity and mission statement, but it should be an accurate reflection of your company’s values and objectives while being useable and easy to navigate. Our responsive and customized website design service offers these exact qualities, allowing customers to understand your business better while providing a reliable source of information through the lens of an attractive aesthetic. With our professional web design service, you can rest assured knowing that your website serves as the foundation of support for all digital marketing efforts – connecting customers directly to you and maximizing brand visibility.

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Our elite internal team will be your companion all along the journey. Your project manager, who is also our owner, will contribute in each phase of the venture while pooling other designers, developers, copywriters and SEO strategists for support. You don't have to worry about being passed around from one individual to another throughout this process!

Here at Business Buddy, we make it our mission to simplify the process for you as much as possible by approaching things differently.

Step 1 Design Meeting:

In this meeting, our team will collect all of the necessary data and information needed to ensure success. We'll discuss design elements, content topics and any other aspects that need clarification.

Step 2 Design

Unlike most other web designers and developers, we do not request feedback at every milestone; instead, we work diligently in the background. Through years of experience, we've discovered that presenting the final product all at once saves time compared to approving one part at a time.

Step 3 Revisions

After reviewing all of its components, we arrange a revision meeting allowing us to compile a complete list of revisions so that adjustments can be made quickly and the launch date finalized.

Step 4: Deployment:

Once live, you can count on us to provide helpful guidance to take full advantage of your newly launched website!

Here at Business Buddy, we offer a wide range of pricing plans that are easy to comprehend. No matter the size or complexity of your project—from single page landing sites to multi-location websites with hundreds of pages—we have an affordable solution for you. For most projects, after our strategy session is concluded we can provide a proposal in writing; more intricate tasks may require added discovery time before costs can be established. Our per page charges range from $290 - $590 depending on technical requirements and design specifications desired.

The length of time it takes to develop a website depends on the scope and complexity of the project. Projects with 1-3 pages typically require 10-15 business days, while 3-10 page websites take 45 - 60 business days. For larger custom projects, you can expect completion in 2-4 months or more depending upon various factors.

Our team specializes in helping businesses, nonprofits, churches, and more achieve their marketing visions and goals. From lead generation to brand communication, we have you covered! We don't limit ourselves to any one business industry; instead, our expertise lies in enabling your organization's success by helping you reach the most important objectives.

Our mission is clear: to create a website for your business that will increase conversions, customers, subscribers, and calls. To make this happen, we conduct intensive buyer research to understand your target audience's motivations. This way, we can pinpoint their goals online as well as identify any existing challenges they may be confronted with - all while presenting them with solutions from your business. We strive to craft an entire site that leads directly into emphasizing these issues and how you are equipped to handle them. Giving you more conversions and more revenue.

Not sure how to create a stunning brand identity? Our experienced team is here for you! We'll listen carefully to your business objectives and plans before crafting a unique, eye-catching brand style that will make other businesses envious and customers delighted. Don't have an existing logo or need help refreshing it? No worries - we are also able to assist with this task!

Absolutely, we host all client websites on a dedicated cloud server to provide superior security and ease of management. You always retain full ownership over your website files and domain – so you can effortlessly switch hosting companies at any time.

Of course, every website project comes with up to 700 words per page. Additional content and SEO-oriented content can be included in the package according to your business goals; we'll happily discuss pricing at the planning phase if necessary.

At our agency, we believe WordPressCMS is the industry standard for website development, we use it to build all our client's websites. However, if you need help updating an existing website built on platforms such as Shopify, Wix, Square Space, etc., we are here to assist! Unfortunately, due to its lower ability for customizations, new projects will not be built on these platforms.

Absolutely. We develop our websites to be fast-loading and optimized for search engines, though Search Engine Optimization should always be seen as an investment on its own merits. We recommend incorporating ongoing SEO into your business model with keyword research, technical optimization, content production, and link-building services. If you want to obtain more online visibility and draw in leads from potential customers, then SEO is a must-have strategy!

Clients can access their WordPress dashboard and make changes if they desire. While there is a learning curve for those unfamiliar with using it, we are more than willing to assist whenever needed. For any website that requires regular updates, our affordable website maintenance packages can help lighten your workload by taking care of all site maintenance needs quickly.