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The Latest Google Updates Simplified

Keeping up with the frequent changes made by Google can be a daunting task, but it is crucial for any business to stay abreast of these updates. Adhering to best practices can provide your organization with a competitive advantage, allowing you to stay ahead of industry trends and leverage new features to enhance your marketing efforts. In addition, implementing Google’s latest tools and algorithms can offer valuable insight into what your customers are searching for and how you can optimize your online presence to meet their needs. Embracing Google’s constantly evolving landscape can be challenging, but staying up to date with the latest updates will undoubtedly benefit your business in the long run.

Here are 3 changes Google recently made:

  • Google recently launched a broad core update that lasted nearly fifteen days, affecting all regions and languages across the globe. This major update appeared to have a significant impact on search results, causing some websites to experience a dip in rankings, while others saw an increase and some even lost their rankings altogether. The volatility of the update continued even after its official end, with fluctuations in website rankings. However, the unpredictability has finally subsided and rankings have stabilized. The current concern for businesses is related to “Ad-spam” – the sponsored listings that appear above organic listings and compete for traffic. 
  • Google Maps has recently released updates regarding prohibited and restricted content. Personal information should not be shared without consent, including full names, images, videos, financial information, and other identifying details. Merchants can provide contact information, but individual full names should only be used if they are business-related or public-facing professionals. 
  • Google Ads Editor has recently unveiled their newest version: 2.3. This update boasts a range of new features and improvements, including file support for image assets, advanced card view for image assets and improved type list displaying rearranged asset tables under the “Asset Library” folder. What’s more, the update also provides support for legacy image assets and location assets, among others. With this new release, advertisers can reach a broader audience and tap into the full potential of their campaigns through features like Google video partners recommendation, Location targeting, and Discovery ads and campaigns with product feeds support. The new Google Ads Editor version 2.3 is more robust and efficient than ever, giving you the tools you need to take your campaigns to greater heights and achieve better results.

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