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Healthcare UX Design Company

Areteworks’ inspiring and intuitive Healthcare User Experience Design (UX) has assisted doctors, surgeons, nurses, cardiologist, perfusionists, ophthalmologist and hospital staff around the world in the diagnosis and care of their patients. Using our proprietary user-centered design process, our UX designers have created and deployed innovative, award-winning UX Design solutions that are among the world’s best. Areteworks’ User Experience systems have been used in perfusion systems, hemodialysis products, blood component transfusion systems, DNA analysis, patient monitoring devices (invasive and non-invasive), diabetic systems, infusion pumps, ophthalmology, dermatology, cardiovascular, medical instrumentation, and diagnostic systems.

For businesses venturing into the healthcare device market, discovering a healthcare UX Design company with an extensive knowledge of user experience design is essential to the success of your product. For that reason, finding the right Healthcare UX Design Company is crucial. At Areteworks, we have the experience and expertise to identify opportunities that set your product apart in the marketplace.

Which is the best UX agency/company for healthcare UX?

UX designers should always understand that successful healthcare design requires a strategy that involves every phase of design, from user research through software development. Areteworks is a healthcare UX design company that understands and recognizes the best avenues to maximize your healthcare product’s safety, intuitiveness, and ease-of-use. Here is how Areteworks’ creates UX systems that improve the healthcare user experience.


A healthcare UX design company is only as good as their understanding and knowledge of users’ needs, wants, and frustrations. At Areteworks, we excel at uncovering the underlying user concerns and pain-points that can become serious obstacles and frustrations in a healthcare environment. Through behavioral study, persona development, and user journey mapping, our research experts are able to gain a deep and unique understanding of stakeholders’ daily tasks, which we translate to meaningful and intuitive concepts to make physicians, nurses, technicians, and patients’ tasks much easier.

Ideation, testing, and validation

An experienced UX designer understands the importance in healthcare UX of integrating user’s and stakeholder feedback into the iterative design process. Areteworks’ team of UX and UI designers create numerous low and high-fidelity ideation concepts from early in the research phase through the conceptual-testing phase. From there, our UX design specialists incorporate use cases into actionable prototypes to conduct usability testing early in the design process. This benefits the UX system by confirming the direction of the design–it validates user feedback and determines if their pain-points have been addressed in the design.

Visual Design

Areteworks’ visual designers and Iconography specialists provide your healthcare UX project with contemporary, world-class icons and graphics. Our Visual Design team understands the importance of how color, typography, space, and layouts can improve usability and promote safety in healthcare products. We can utilize your company’s existing brand or create a new aesthetic to generate a User Experience style template that will set your company and products apart in the marketplace. Our designers understand the important role of easily identifiable icons and appropriate color schemes in the intuitiveness and usability of healthcare user experience systems.


The continuity of a healthcare UX design system depends on its ability to accommodate the growing technological advances that are shaping the healthcare industry. Areteworks is a healthcare UX design company known for creating UX solutions that are intuitive, innovative, and adaptable across multiple platforms. Our UX specialists understand how to translate user’s needs and wants into “nugget” features that are innovative and help users complete their tasks more efficiently. We have helped many companies to patent innovative ideas and features.

Areteworks is a leading healthcare UX design company with a reputation for innovative and inspiring medical UI/UX design that improves on the usability and ease-of-use of healthcare products. We have extensive experience understanding users’ pain-points and converting them into easy-to-use, helpful features. If you would like to learn more about our healthcare UX services, please contact us today.

Healthcare UX agency

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