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Google’s Automated System Accidentally Removes Reviews

Google’s Recent Mistake Explained

Google, the world’s largest search engine and online platform, has admitted its error in removing local reviews that were in fact compliant with its policies and guidelines. The tech giant’s automated system had mistakenly removed reviews, which goes against its policies and guidelines. Understanding the importance of these reviews for local businesses and consumers, Google is working diligently to restore the incorrectly removed reviews. As a company that strives for accuracy and reliability, Google takes this situation seriously and is committed to resolving the issue as soon as possible. 

Speaking about the situation, Google said, “In the last few weeks, our protections took down more than expected policy-abiding reviews. We’ve also closely followed the conversations on Connect around unpublished reviews, and we acknowledge that this change has affected a lot of your accounts.”

The issue of fake reviews has plagued businesses and consumers alike for years, and Google has taken a step towards addressing it. The company recently announced an update to their safeguards, with a specific focus on combating fake reviews. Google states that they will now automatically reinstate a review if they determine it to be fake, though some may remain private if they violate their policies. This is a significant move by Google towards ensuring that their review system is both trustworthy and reliable for businesses and consumers. With their new safeguards in place, companies can trust that their hard-earned reviews are genuine, and customers can find real, unbiased feedback on the businesses they are considering.

If your business was impacted by the removal of reviews and they haven’t been reinstated yet, you can request a human review by filling out this form:

Request Human Review from Google

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