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Google Continuous Scroll Now Available on Desktop

Google has been gradually introducing the continuous scroll feature to enhance the user experience on desktop. First unveiled in October 2021, they applied the concept of Infinite scrolling to mobile search results. Since then, they have been continually performing tests and improvements in order to refine the feature for a seamless user experience on desktop. As part of this effort, Google had begun rolling out previews as far back as 2011, signaling its expected arrival on desktop ever since.

The new continuous scroll feature integrated into Google Search is a revolutionary update that simplifies the search process and introduces a much smoother experience. Instead of paging through multiple results, users can now experience drastically reduced loading time between searches and an overall quicker navigation between pages. This significantly enhances the user experience by providing convenient access to more search options without any lag time. Ultimately making for an even better search experience than ever before.

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