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Digital Marketing Don’ts for 2021

What NOT to do with Digital Marketing in 2021

With over 3 billion social media users; digital marketing is a great way to reach a large audience. There are a few DON’TS when it comes to digital marketing that can help you in 2021.

1. Do not sign a contract with a digital marketing company; if they do their job well no contact will be needed. Use a digital marketing agency that gets results and doesn’t use contracts to lock you into something that is not getting results.

2. Do not over-post on social media platforms. Use your digital marketing platforms to post news and events, promotions but be mindful of how often your post to social media. Overposting can cause you to lose followers.

3. Do not ask people to ‘buy” in all your digital marketing posts. Using social media to sell your products or services can be lucrative if done right. Use the rule of 10% to ask for the sale. Only 10% of your social media posts should be asking for customers to purchase.

4. Do not give up admin access to your digital marketing platforms. If a company or individual is managing your social media and digital marketing always get account user names and passwords. You should always be an admin on your digital marketing sites.

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