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Did you Know Apple has a Business Profile that Competes with Google Business Profile?

Apple recently announced the launch of Apple Business Connect, which will enable businesses to customize how their information appears across Apple apps. This allows businesses to put themselves on the map and is a much-needed relief compared to the rather limited product it replaces – the old Apple Maps Connect. The new launch provides businesses of all sizes with more features than previously available; making it a much closer competitor to Google’s business profile. As well as customizing what customers can see about your business, it also enables businesses to communicate directly with customers, including loyalty programs and customer support messages within Apple apps. While many consumers may not have heard about this tool before, the benefits for businesses cannot be overstated.

Not only can businesses create custom place cards with photos, logos, and more, but they can also manage opening hours and other details without any hassle. Additionally, the user-friendly interface makes it easier than ever to get your business noticed and start seeing results instantly. With Apple’s streamlined approach to business promotion, companies are sure to have a competitive edge in their local market and beyond.

Some additional features include customer call-to-action buttons which allow you to:

  • Book appointments
  • Call or chat with the business
  • Make reservations, book hotels, order food, or groceries
  • And more

All in all, businesses are looking for ways to maximize their resources and opportunities in order to reach success. Apple Business Connect offers a wide range of features and solutions that can help businesses achieve their goals in 2023. All these powerful capabilities create a cost-effective way to optimize businesses this upcoming year.

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