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3 Step Business Plan to Reach Your Business Goals

Planning is the key to success in many things, especially owning a small business. Start planning today to reach your business goals. This week’s video gives you 3 easy steps to planning your start up business goals, so they are more than just a wish. 

This week’s quote:  “A goal without a plan is just a wish” Larry Elder 3 Actionable Steps to Start Your Business Plan Today

1. Determine your business brand: What is your business message, and how will it be the identity of your business. What will you sell, and how will you sell it. 

2. Set your first business goal: What will be the start date of your business? Set a realistic date of 2-3 months from now; make it achievable and timely. 

3. List 10 things you need to reach your start date: What specific things need to be completed to open your business? These 10 things need to be actionable to achieve your business opening deadline. 

This week I challenge you to take the first steps to start your new plan; take these 3 simple steps to start building your business plan then be actionable about reaching your goals. 

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